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Why choose Rybak Transportation

If you are looking for professional transportation service, the solution is right here.

Rybak Transportation specializes in providing the service for children and adults with special needs.

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Rybak Transportation operates extensive fleet of commercial vehicle to satisfy the needs of our consumers. All the vehicles are regularly inspected and maintained. All wheelchair accessible vehicles inspected annually by EMS (former OMTB).

The vehicles are ADA compliant and certified by Emergency Medical Services. In addition to standard safety equipment (e.g., first-aid kit, fire extinguisher, bio-hazard kit, two-way radios), every vehicle is equipped with a global positioning system (GPS).

Back up vehicles provided by Rybak Transportation in case of emergency.


Side and Rear Wheelchair Lift Ambulettes

Non-Emergency ADA-Compliant Ambulettes With Wheelchair Passenger Lifts

What is an Ambulette?

Ambulettes are non-emergency wheelchair vans which are typically used by businesses and facilities to transport both ambulatory and wheelchair passengers. Ambulettes are the vehicle of choice for nursing homes, adult day care centers, hospitals, transport companies, medical transportation providers, EMS facilities, fire departments, group homes and facilities for the developmentally disabled.

All of our ADA-compliant ambulettes and wheelchair vans are engineered and manufactured with the highest quality standards, meet all FMVSS standards, and are crash tested.

Ultimate Seating Flexibility and Versatility – SmartFloor

SmartFloor is a Patented and innovative new floor system available exclusively from MobilityWorks Commercial! The modular SmartFloor technology allows easy and quick moving of seats and wheelchair positions nearly anywhere within the van, or seats can be moved to the lift for removal. 

Innovative seat bases with wheels means no lifting – simply roll to the lift for removal or keep on the van and move to another spot to make room for wheelchairs. Need some extra legroom for the passenger in a leg cast? No problem! Simply move a seat back a few inches. 

Wheelchair Vans and Transporters can now be converted from ambulatory transport to wheelchair transport and back as often as needed, taking just a few seconds per seat. The vans with SmartFloor can fit up to four standard wheelchairs or twelve ambulatory passengers!

  • Meets ADA and FMVSS requirements
  • Fully pull tested to meet rigorous US standards
  • Increase your opportunities and profit potential with the flexibility of seat layout
  • Available EXCLUSIVELY in North America from MobilityWorks Commercial



SafetyRybak Transportation fleet contains late model wheelchair accessible vehicles supplied with all required safety equipment.



PersonnelWe maintain a staff who reflect our standard of excellence. All employees undergo extensive background checks and pre-employment screening.


National Safety Council

National Safety Council LogoRybak Transportation is a National Safety Council certified facility to provide the training in First Aid, CPR, Defensive Driving, Air/Blood Bourne Pathogens


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